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Skin Deep

I have had to deal with skin issues for as long as I can remember. From acne to excema you name it I have experienced it, and I am not alone. Millions of Americans experience acne, eczema and psoriasis, and according to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention these skin conditions are increasingly on the rise!

These rashes often first show up in childhood. Before a child can speak an image is appearing on their face. A child may be given treatment after treatment, and the skin which was once a “perfect” canvas may become aggravated and angry; which led me to observe these skin conditions as a symbol that reflects the collective shadow of vanity in this fast-paced plastic world. As these children become adults, psoriasis continues to take center stage. Biologically speaking the skin cells go through their life cycle too quickly, but why this is happening remains a mystery. Could these skin images be shouting to the world to slow down, to make time for attention to that for which the child had no language?

By the time I was a teen I was put on birth control, given accutane, and had thousands of dollars spent on different lazer treatments. Nothing worked! It wasn’t until I got older that I began to do my own research and realized all of the above miracle fixes provided no solution. All they did was dramatically damage my hormones which contributed to a decline in my mental health, and in the end did more damage to my skin than the original problem.

As a therapist now, I think it is important to start having this conversation. There seems to be a lack of clarity in the field on the root cause of these skin issues, and there are holes in the present-day research concerning treatment in dermatology, the medical field, and psychotherapy. With no known cause or solution for their skin ailment, many people are given ineffective or no treatment and come up against a wall of having no relief. Please join me in continuing with this conversation. You are not alone in the struggle.